So...you've been here once or twice...and you're maybe, just maybe, thinking about sticking around for a while...now what?! Well, we pride ourselves on always growing in our relationship with Jesus, and we want you to do the same. We'd love for you to keep pushing, keeping exploring, keep asking hard questions, and keep growing in your faith. And we've tried to create some programming - community, service, & leadership - to help you keep going. So, here are some options for NEXT STEPS!

small groups

To know someone, and be known, is incredibly difficult. Yet this is the life Jesus invites us into - a life of connecting with one another, celebrating the joys of life, and caring for one another amidst tragedy and heartache. And this sort of connection simply cannot happen in our brief time together on Sunday mornings.

So we highly value small groups as a means of deeper, more intentional community. If you are looking for a next step beyond an hour of worship on Sunday mornings, we would encourage you to give our small group ministry a try. We trust you will find friendship, encouragement, and spiritual growth as you plug in to the depth of our community. 

You can find specific information on our small groups HERE.

Mission & Service

Our church cares deeply for our community and takes seriously Jesus' call to love our neighbors. So there's almost always ways for you to serve through our church.

We regularly sponsor Family Promise.

We are actively involved with Love INC.

We are really involved at Templed Hills Camp.

We founded and are strongly tied with The Rock Youth Center.

And a TON of other things to bless our community.

So be on the lookout for ways you can serve.

Leadership opportunities

There are multiple ways for you to be in leadership at our church. Our church is led by our Leadership Team, a group of 6 spiritual guides for our church. They meet monthly to help Pastor Jason lead our congregation.

But we are also always looking for worship leaders, prayers, greeters, teachers, small group leaders and hosts, children and youth ministry leaders, and so much more.

And we also have six ministry teams -- worship, discipleship, community, mission, sacred space, and maintenance -- that meet as-needed to lead our church in each of these areas.

So please talk with Pastor Jason if you're interested in leading in any of these ways. We'd love to have your help!


Ministry takes money and giving is a spiritual practice. We read in scripture that we are blessed to be a blessing - and we trust that you will be blessed as you seek to be a blessing. So, as a potential next step of faith, we invite you into trusting God and God's church with your resources. 

And on our side of the equation, we promise to to be great stewards of the money given to our church in the best way we know how.

If you want to give online, you can do so HERE.